6 Simple Ways to Protect Your Privacy Online

Want to learn how to protect your privacy online? Discover 6 tips for 2019.

Want to learn how to protect your privacy online? Discover 6 tips for 2019.

Have strong passwords

Most people have terrible passwords that they use everywhere. Please don’t do it. Use a password management service if you don’t want to remember all your passwords.

Keep all your software current

Always turn on automatic updates. Updating can be a pain in the butt; however, according to security experts, keeping your software up-to-date is one of the most important things you can do to be safe. Hackers are always looking for (and finding!) new ways to get to you and most updates include patches to fix security holes.

Review your social media accounts

Take 15 minutes to do a social media audit. Check your privacy settings. Don’t accept connection invites from people you don’t personally know. Also, remove all photos from your feed that reveal your address, faces of your family members and your workplace.

Use an ad blocker

An ad blocker can not only block ads, but it can also prevent you from getting malware and other viruses installed that are running around the internet.

Disable location services

Some apps, like Facebook and Instagram, track your location every minute. Do you want everyone to know where you are at all times? Also, you will get a better battery life if you turn it off.

Cover your webcams

Finally, make sure your laptop’s webcam is covered. Did you know that in 2010 a high school district was sued for using webcams to spy on their students? Hacking a webcam is quite easy for professional hackers. Once they do it, they can use your microphone and webcam to spy on you and your family. Webcam covers offer an elegant way to cover your webcam if you want something fancy. Otherwise, a simple piece of tape will do the job.